First appearance

Rebound p. 12

Home world




Informant to the angels.

The first (and likely, the only) appearance of Steve, in Rebound, was to deliver a map with information on the enemy Haruls' position to the forces of Heaven. He was waylaid by feral cherubim, and was nearly lynched until Balthazar put a stop to the cacophony.

Upon delivering the map, Steve ran off without a word, and with little more than a scar to show for his efforts.

The name 'Steve' was not officially given to this minor character in the comic, but was a name the readers dubbed him with.

While Steve was a seemingly unimportant character at the time, his opening monologue and the pleas for his life illustrated many things about the background of Kimera and the forces of Heaven that we have not otherwise observed. Among other things, we see that:

- Not all Haruls are evil, nor are they all allied with Rex.

- The forces of Heaven are not declaring war against all Haruls.

- The Cherubim are so wild that even Balthazar doesn't approve of them.

- And perhaps most importantly of all; there are glaring multi-standards between several of the races throughout the universe.

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